Cilandia Capital

Cilandia Capital is a proud sponsor of Tennisonline.

Cilandia Capital manages private client portfolio’s on a segregated basis on the same terms and rules as the owner manages his own capital.

The focus is on knowledgeable and informed clients, friends and family members who trust the owner, have personally met him and have researched his background, history and performance. Clients let Cilandia Capital manage their investments only after they understand and believe that the owner will treat them, and their capital, exactly the same way he treats his own, and his family’s capital.

With more than 18 years experience of investing his own money, the sole owner of Cilandia Capital do not wish regulations to tell him what, where, when or how much to invest. In our modern world financial service companies are quick to advertise their FSB number, which offer no guarantee as to competence or ethics, and is rather meaningless if the investor loses his money due to lack of transparency. Cilandia Capital have opted to rather let complete transparency be the ultimate regulator.

I invest alongside my clients and more than 90% of my net worth is invested in the same assets as them. I eat my own cooking !


  • Complete transparency (clients open their own account in their own name at BOE stock brokers with letter of attorney assigned to Cilandia Capital) Clients have real time access to their portfolio and statements of their account.
  • No upfront cost (all capital available for investment growth)
  • No annual management fees
  • Negotiated compensation structures
  • Long term incentives