Why the new rules for 12 and under kids ?

Good video explaining the problems for small kids starting in sport, especially tennis:

Also, good article on the need of the green dot balls by the ITF, Important Changes to the Green Stage 1 Ball

Tips for parents (from http://www.tennisplayandstay.com/tennis10s/guide-for-parents.aspx)

The following are some useful tips for parents on how to support, encourage and act respectively during your child’s Tennis10s development.

  • Allow the child to play in the appropriate stage of Tennis10s so that they can gain confidence and better enjoy playing the game.
  • It is best not to watch every match that the child plays as this can place pressure on them.
  • Stick to your role as the parent and do not try to become the coach.
  • Playing matches is an important part of a player’s development and the child should be encouraged by the parent to compete as well as have lessons.
  • Be aware of the child’s capabilities and avoid comparing them with others players and their development.
  • Be aware that at this age results are not so important. The most important aspect is that they like playing tennis and that they play lots of matches.


  • Encourage good behaviour in lessons and matches.
  • Do not tolerate bad behaviour, cheating or bad manners.
  • Encourage the child to learn independence. Avoid making them depend too much on you.
  • Focus on effort instead of results. Never ask “Did you win? Instead it is better to ask “How did you play?” or “Did you have fun?” Make them realise you are more interested in them than the result.


  • Help the child to understand that showing respect for the rules, opponents, and officials, is all part of tennis.
  • Respect the opponents, their parents and coaches, and of course the competition officials.
  • Always applaud both players.
  • The child’s coach has the expertise and they should be respected and appreciated by you.