Wilson tournament No. 2 on 4 May 2013: Court venues

Wilson Series

Dear parents, players and coaches

2013 Wilson Series Junior Tennis tournament : No. 2 , 4 May 2013

Please find below the court venues for the age groups as received from the organizer. Please direct any queries to Handri Westman directly.

Kindly note that the tournament starts at 11h30 and NOT 08h00 .

Hi, as we do not have enough entries is some groups,
Some of the groups will play together. If the player then
Prefer to rather enter for a different category, please let me know.

Girls U.10B,11B and 12B will play as one group
Girls U.11A and U.12A will play as one group
Girls U.14A and Open A will play as one group
Boys U.9B, u.10B and U.11B will play as one group.


Eversdal Primary. – organiser Monique Brand Cell 0742315666
Girls U.9 B
Boys U.9 B, u.10 A, u.10 B and u.11B

Kenridge Primary. – organiser Etienne Malherbe Cell 0843403347
Girls U.10A, u.11A, u.12 A, u.14 A and Open A

Parow Tennis club – organiser Elsie Versfeld Cell 0722668878
Girls U.10 B, u.11B, U.12 B
Boys U.11 A, u.12 A and u.14 B

Brackenfell Primary organiser Kurt Morkel Cell 0782474297
Boys u.14 A and open A

Tournament organiser – Handri Westman Cell 0824166364